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How Sydney can survive lockdown, reopen and power back stronger than before
30 July, 2021

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Matt Levinson

The Committee for Sydney today released a detailed plan to help Sydney survive lockdown, get vaccinated, reopen and power back stronger than before.

Over the past two weeks, the Committee has consulted with government, researchers and senior staff from 60 of its member organisations, representing hard hit industries including hospitality, entertainment, construction, retail and education, to formulate this reopening and recovery strategy.

Gabriel Metcalf, Chief Executive of the Committee for Sydney, said the recommendations were tough and absolutely necessary to get the city and state back on track.

“We’re calling on the NSW Government, as the state’s biggest employer, to require that all employees are vaccinated, and we’re urging other major employers to likewise make vaccination a condition of employment,” he said.

“There is no debate – the path out of lockdown is through vaccinations.

“We urgently need governments to provide a roadmap out of this cycle of lockdowns and pandemic controls, that means committing to timelines and achievable vaccination targets for phased reopening of the economy.

“Once that’s done, NSW should commit to reopening, regardless of stragglers who resist vaccination.”

“Lockdown is incredibly difficult, especially for young people, but the end is in sight. We should step into this with a sense of purpose and optimism. We know what we need to do.”

As well as headline actions to get out of lockdown, the plan offers detailed steps to support industries hurt most by restrictions, including construction, entertainment, universities and tourism.

Read the detailed plan here: