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Campbelltown is booming, with targeted support it could do so much more
18 May, 2023

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Matt Levinson

New analysis released today reveals Campbelltown is performing strongly but needs investment in transport, housing and cultural infrastructure to reach its potential.

Eamon Waterford, CEO of the Committee for Sydney, said Campbelltown was already booming, and with targeted support could do so much more.

“What we’re seeing are city shaping developments, significant employment opportunities and a major resurgence of creative talent,” he said.

“Behind that is a diverse mix of cultures, strong educational facilities, as well as the lifestyle superpowers of national parks and Mt Annan on the doorstep.

“At the same time, housing affordability is a problem, as is transport connectivity and venues for local culture to thrive.

“If we can do the work to get these obstacles out of the way, it won’t just benefit people here, it’ll benefit the entire city.

The Future Cities Campbelltown forum, to be held on Friday 19 May at Campbelltown Catholic Club, will feature keynotes from new Planning Minister Paul Scully, Campbelltown Mayor George Greiss, Investment NSW CEO Katie Knight, emerging R&B star Becca Hatch and others.

Presented by the Committee for Sydney, in partnership with NBN Australia, Stockland, Bastion Reputation, SGS Economics and Planning and Frost*collective, the forum will cover mobility, connectivity, community resilience, skills and employment, and the relationship between the creative sector and a thriving 24-hour city.

New analysis to be presented at Future Cities Campbelltown shows:

  • Roughly a third of jobs in Campbelltown are in health and education (31%), with women holding most of these health and education jobs (77%)
  • Between 2016 and 2021, there was a 50% increase in the number of bachelor or higher degrees held by local residents
  • More than three-quarters of houses in Campbelltown are detached, compared with 52% in Greater Sydney, and apartments make up just 7% of homes – and a higher proportion of dwellings are owned with a mortgage, with typically lower monthly repayments
  • Campbelltown performs lower than Greater Sydney in a range of wellbeing indicators, although it is comparable with the rest of NSW.

Program notes: Read the full report: Future Cities Campbelltown

Future Cities Campbelltown will feature keynote addresses from Planning Minister Paul Scully, Campbelltown Mayor George Greiss, Committee for Sydney CEO Eamon Waterford and SGS Economics and Planning Principal and Partner Jeremy Gill, as well as the following deep dive panel sessions (will be recorded, with audio available):

  • Connecting Campbelltown – Dr George Greiss (Mayor, Campbelltown City Council), Billie Sankovic (Western Parkland City Commissioner, Greater Cities Commission), Grant Isedale (GM, Campbelltown and Camden Hospitals)
  • Community resilience – Lindy Deitz (GM, Campbelltown City Council), Mal Fruean (Chair, NSW Council for Pacific Communities), Prof Andy Marks (Director, Centre for Western Sydney)
  • Workplaces of the future – Robert Parsonson (GM, Superior Training Centre, Ingleburn), Joanna Kubota (Executive Director, The Parks), Katie Knight (CEO, Investment NSW), Mark Samaha (Director Customer and Stakeholder Relations, TAFE NSW Western Sydney), John Szabo (Director of Partnerships, SME@UTS, University of Technology)
  • Future in focus – Becca Hatch (musician), L-Fresh the Lion (musician), Mouna Zaylah (Campbelltown Arts Centre) and Michael Rodrigues (NSW 24 Hour Economy Commissioner).