Priority 04

Protect Sydney from climate change and other threats.


Sea level rise | Plan for long-term adaptation to rising sea levels.

Heat | Plan to reduce the heat-island effect and develop strategies to make Western Sydney liveable under future climate changes.

Water | Protect and celebrate Sydney’s water supplies whilst also celebrating our harbours and rivers.

Carbon | Transition our urban and economic systems away from carbon-intensive approaches.

Organisational resiliency | Support business and public institutions to be ready for the full array of resilience threats.

Taskforces supporting these priorities:

• Resilience Taskforce

Transport Taskforce

An integrated transport network for a global city: from planning to delivery

A global city needs world-class transport networks and infrastructure. This Taskforce brings together transport-oriented members, utilising their expertise to advocate for improving the efficiency of Sydney’s transport infrastructure and to ensure that future projects are well designed, integrated, funded and delivered. The Taskforce is interested in innovative ideas that will improve the connectivity and access of our city.

To function as a global city, Sydney needs to have a reliable and networked public transport system which services Sydney as a whole. Supporting the delivery of an integrated transport system and ensuring it improves the productivity and liveability of our city are therefore key priorities for the Committee, as are improving transport links for Western Sydney and ensuring projects such as the Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail and the Sydney Metro are delivered in partnership between government, business and the community.

The Transport Taskforce drives this agenda and collaborates with other Taskforces on common areas of interest, including Transport Oriented Development, demand management and infrastructure funding.

Chair: Larry McGrath, John Holland Group
Deputy Chair: Jodie Brough, Newgate Communications

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