Priority 01

Plan for a growing population in a way that improves quality of life for all.


Metropolitan planning | Work from the long-term, integrated plan for Greater Metropolitan Sydney.

Density done well | Create denser communities with more amenities and connectivity, focusing growth around Sydney’s growing mass transport network.

Housing | Significantly increase the amount of social and affordable housing in Sydney; and add enough supply at all price levels to keep up with the growing population.

Healthy cities | Make Sydney more walkable and bikeable, and reduce health inequalities, particularly in Western Sydney.

Open up public spaces | Improve the amount of vibrant and attractive public streets, squares and laneways.

Taskforces supporting these priorities:

• Planning Taskforce
• Western Cities Taskforce

Planning Taskforce

Managing the growth of Sydney: planning reform, housing and city governance

The strategic planning, housing and governance of Sydney are key issues for the future of the city. This Taskforce brings together the Committee’s development, property, consulting, design, architecture, Community Housing Provider, and State and Local Government members.

The Taskforce focuses on developing research and policy frameworks to develop Sydney’s affordable housing offer, promote metropolitan governance for Greater Sydney, including through Local Government Reform, and to support Sydney’s emerging polycentricity – particularly the Western Sydney centres of Parramatta, Penrith and Liverpool.

Chair: Bruce Taper, Kinesis

Deputy Chair: Alison Holloway, SGS Economics and Planning

Western City Taskforce

The Western Parkland City is one of the fastest growing areas of Sydney and home to the new Western Sydney Airport and Aerotropolis. This taskforce brings together stakeholders from across the Parkland City to discuss relevant policy issues and develop ideas for the area. The group is particularly focused on infrastructure investment, housing, sustainability, jobs and investment.

Chair: Dr Andy Marks, Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Strategy and Policy, Western Sydney University

Driving Sydney’s Productivity and Competitiveness

Supported by the Professional and Business Services Taskforce and the Financial Services Knowledge Hub

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