Priority 03

Enhance the effectiveness of government at all levels.


Benchmarking | Measure how Sydney compares to other global cities.

Stronger local government | Enhance local leadership and service delivery across councils and improve partnership working between local and state governments.

Metropolitan governance | Align all levels and agencies to deliver excellence across the whole of greater Sydney.

A national cities agenda | Make targeted federal investments in major cities as key economic drivers for the country.

Data-driven decision making | Use technology and data to make government and public services more efficient.

Taskforces supporting these priorities:

• Smart Cities Taskforce

• Local Government Reference Group

Planning Taskforce

Managing the growth of Sydney: planning reform, housing and city governance

The strategic planning, housing and governance of Sydney are key issues for the future of the city. This Taskforce brings together the Committee’s development, property, consulting, design, architecture, Community Housing Provider, and State and Local Government members.

The Taskforce focuses on developing research and policy frameworks to develop Sydney’s affordable housing offer, promote metropolitan governance for Greater Sydney, including through Local Government Reform, and to support Sydney’s emerging polycentricity – particularly the Western Sydney centres of Parramatta, Penrith and Liverpool.

The Planning Taskforce leads the Density Done Well project and has driven the Committee’s housing affordability agenda. This Taskforce also works closely with the Transport Taskforce on the better integration of Sydney’s land-use planning and transport projects.

Chair: Bruce Taper, Kinesis
Deputy Chair: Alison Holloway, SGS Economics and Planning

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