Priority 06

Promote Sydney as a centre for culture and fun.


24-hour economy | Provide a diverse and expansive night time offer in Sydney.

Sydney’s narrative | Promote an identity for Greater Sydney that reflects the real strengths of the city and reflects the strengths of the city as a place to live, work, visit and invest in.

Sports and Arts | Support Sydney’s artistic, cultural and sports organisations to thrive and succeed.

Cultural tourism | Promote and enhance access to Sydney’s broad spectrum of arts and cultural attractions.

Taskforces supporting these priorities:

• Liveability/Loveability Taskforce

Liveability/Loveability Taskforce

Protecting and enhancing the appeal of Sydney

Sydney’s arts, cultural, entertainment and sporting offer is key to the city’s competitiveness and status as a global city, adding to Sydney’s attraction for tourists, business visitors and Sydneysiders alike. This Taskforce relies on the considerable knowledge and experience of its members who come from a wide range of industries across the public, private and not for profit sectors.

The Liveability Loveability Taskforce engages with the question of how to best promote Sydney’s offer, how to build on and further activate the city’s cultural, entertainment and sporting precincts and how to support the emergence of an enhanced night time economy and safer 24-hour city.

Chair: Lyn Lewis Smith, Business Events Sydney
Deputy Chair: Ross Harley, UNSW

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