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Welcome to the Committee for Sydney’s first annual Sydney Awards.

This is a program that celebrates the people who make our city special – those who strive to create a city that is lived and loved by its diverse communities, businesses, and institutions.
This is an opportunity to applaud those who push boundaries, drive change, and take risks. This is an opportunity to say thank you.



Global Sydney Award

Celebrating a significant contribution to elevating Sydney’s position as a leading world cityand boosting our global competitiveness.

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Western Sydney Champion

This program is about celebrating the amazing contribution of our Sydney champions.

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City Visionary

Celebrating impact on the evolution of Sydney’s physical environment.

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Emerging Leader

Celebrating an up-and-coming Sydney leader around 30 years of age.


Unsung Hero

Celebrating those who go under the radar but play an essential role in making Sydney the
best city in the world.

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2021 Winners

The inaugural Sydney Awards were announced at a ceremony on the 16th of September.

View their stories here.

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