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Cityscapes with Jarrett Walker

November 14, 2018

This podcast features Committee for Sydney Acting CEO Eamon Waterford in conversation with Jarrett Walker.

Jarrett Walker is the author of Human Transit and a global expert in public transport networks. He and his company, Jarrett Walker + Associates, have been involved in many overhauls across Australasia, North America, Europe and Russia. Recent successful projects include bus network redesigns in Auckland, Houston, and central Moscow. Jarrett also wrote the ACT’s Strategic Public Transport Master Plan in 2011, and is currently working on a redesign of Dublin’s bus network. He also has a great blog on public transit planning and policy over at HumanTransit.org.

This Cityscapes podcast draws on Jarrett’s lessons learned overseas and invites listeners to view transport planning as freedom planning, and to view the public transport network as the major determinant in how free a city’s individuals are to access the things around them, whether that be jobs, entertainment or services. Jarrett also challenges us to acknowledge that the problem of planning for city centres is essentially one that is grounded in hard geometry, while encouraging us to not fall prey to marketing spin from technology companies which promote themselves as the solution to congestion when they are not.

You can download the conversation with Jarrett Walker here

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