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Cityscapes Podcast with Professor Andrew McNaughton

March 5, 2018

Monday 5th March, 2017

Michael Rose, Chairman, Committee for Sydney in conversation with Professor Andrew McNaughton, Strategic Technical Adviser to Hs2 (UK). Professor McNaughton was HS2 Ltd’s first official employee, joining the company as Chief Engineer in 2009 and guiding it from concept to the edge of reality in the period since. He is currently Technical Director and also advises the UK Department of Transport and other government departments on wider transport matters.

HS2 is Europe’s largest infrastructure project and will directly link eight of the UK’s largest 10 cities, running services to more than 25 stations across Britain and integrating with the rest of the rail and transport network. Over 300,000 passengers a day are expected to travel on HS2 services. HS2 will also release capacity on the conventional rail network for new local and regional services, offering the potential to more than double seats during evening peak hours. It is a key part of the UK Government’s ambition to create a more balanced and productive economy and to unleash the potential of City-Regions across the country.

Professor Andrew McNaughton shared some of the lessons learnt from the UK experience with faster rail, and offered some ideas for policy makers based in Australia.

Download the conversation with Andrew here

Professor Andrew McNaughton is the Strategic Technical Adviser to HS2 (UK)

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