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NSW Election March 2015: Sydney Manifesto

January 27, 2015

Greater Sydney is home to 65{49a7e38090d84b81a7ba1bb67cd1b3b0d9cda4ef54936562ea834556eae8bfc9} of the State’s population and produces 73{49a7e38090d84b81a7ba1bb67cd1b3b0d9cda4ef54936562ea834556eae8bfc9} of its wealth. It is thus central to the performance of the State and the well-being of its people – and as the resources boom subsides further, Sydney’s economic contribution can only grow in significance. When Sydney booms, the state and indeed the nation flourishes. This city matters.

The Committee works to ensure that Sydney receives the focus it both deserves and requires in order to continue to play its role as the engine room of both the State and the Nation and as Australia’s leading global city. In doing so, we identify and support policies which will reinforce Sydney’s momentum and success.

Although the Committee works above and beyond the electoral cycle, the upcoming NSW Election provides an opportunity for enhanced civic debate about the issues that matter most for Sydney. As such, the Committee has identified a ‘Top Ten for Sydney’, highlighting the key issues facing Sydney in the coming years, and has asked Party leaders to reflect on the issues and formally respond with their proposals for Sydney’s future.

Read the Committee’s Manifesto here.

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