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Help Sydney lead the way

January 16, 2014

Source: The Daily Telegraph

It will please the commission of audit, as it also pleases Sydney, to note that Australia’s greatest city is undergoing a definite revival in economic spirit. Less than one year ago, a survey of Sydney’s leading organisations revealed that only 59 per cent felt Sydney exhibited “new or continued momentum”.

If that feeling persisted, it would inevitably lead to a downturn in investor confidence across the state.

Instead, Sydney has turned things around. A similar survey now finds that 73 per cent of those groups polled sense an upturn in our city’s fortunes. Committee for Sydney chair Lucy Turnbull yesterday joined the new-found optimism: “We must turn this new burst of energy into a strategic and long-term breakthrough in Sydney’s productivity and performance.”

Indeed we must, and not just for narrow or parochial reasons. As Sydney goes, so goes the nation – as Committee for Sydney CEO Tim Williams pointed out in his demand that the Abbott government support new projects in our city.

“Invest in Sydney and the federal government will get a bigger bang for their buck in terms of GDP uplift and productivity than anywhere else in Australia,” he said.

Good call. Let’s see it happen.


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