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Media Release

Publication of Greater Sydney Commission Region Plan and Transport for NSW’s Future Transport Strategy

October 23, 2017

Statement from Tim Williams, CEO, Committee for Sydney

Sunday 22nd October 2017

“The plans released today represent a thorough and detailed blueprint for integrated land and transport in Greater Sydney.

As a city we are growing at an express pace and this growth can be beneficial so long as it is managed properly. Today’s plans do exactly that.  They are an example of exemplary cross-government coordination that should be the benchmark for other Australian cities.

Greater Sydney has historically suffered from the lack of overarching metropolitan strategy. The GSCs Draft Greater Sydney Region Plan and the Future Transport Strategy are vital frameworks in mapping a broader strategy. They will help to ensure that homes are built near to public transport and with access to jobs and services. Piecing together these different parts of the puzzle will make the city easier to manage and deliver better policy outcomes. Walkability, an expanded public transport network and density done well form the core of a better Sydney.

There are some groundbreaking ideas in the plans, particularly around the use of value capture, underpinned by strong metrics, and the changing face of transport, from Autonomous Vehicles to the 30 minute city. We should also recognise the integral role of the GSC’s leadership – and from the Departments for Transport and Planning – in delivering the plans. The Committee for Sydney has long championed many of these aims, so we commend the NSW Government for their achievement today. The challenge is now set to other government departments to demonstrate such productive levels of collaboration.

The plans must now be put into action. The GSC must be supported in its aims to ensure the sufficient number of homes and diversity of housing options are provided in the right locations and to ensure that Western Sydney is developed with excellent connectivity to public transport, jobs, high-quality housing and green spaces. It should also support the modal shift towards mass transit and ensure that Sydney grows in a sustainable manner that enables our communities to live and work together affordably.

The GSC is faced with an enormous challenge to shape a diverse and fast growing city. Today’s plans are an excellent place to start. They do not shy away from some of the structural problems facing the city, but have identified key ways to fix them. It is a blueprint for a better functioning and even greater Sydney.”


Tim Williams is available for further comment today – contact James Hulme 0410941706

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