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Committee for Sydney welcomes ‘Fit for the Future’ as fit for purpose in a global city

September 10, 2014

The Committee for Sydney welcomes the announcement today from the NSW Premier of a package of incentives for local government transformation and ‘a scale of council which can serve the community’s needs and meet our city’s challenges.’

The Committee commends the NSW Government on its ‘Fit for the Future’ funding package for local councils who decide to merge, said Dr Tim Williams, CEO of the Committee for Sydney.

“Fit for the Future equals fit for purpose and we see this as real incentive for change. Sydney is on the brink of the governance revolution it urgently needs.

“A recent study from the OECD, ‘What makes cities more productive?’ nailed it when they said that a city of the same size with twice the number of councils as the other will be 6{49a7e38090d84b81a7ba1bb67cd1b3b0d9cda4ef54936562ea834556eae8bfc9} less productive. It also suggested that cities with a metro level of governance, as Sydney is about to get with the establishment of the Greater Sydney Commission, are the ones that succeed.

“We give the thumbs up to the Government as this is something that the Committee has been advocating for some time and see this as a step change towards Sydney having the governance a global city should have,” he went on to say.

Chair of the Committee for Sydney, Lucy Turnbull, AO, also commented on the announcement, highlighting that, “no serious global city has 41 local councils and no co-ordinated governance. All evidence shows that a reduction in councils will greatly improve performance and the management of our city.

“It is now vital that we see a strong link between the Fit for the Future councils and the Greater Sydney Commission, particularly around planning powers.”

The Committee for Sydney continues to echo the findings of the Samson Local Government Review Panel that concluded that the result we want isn’t a minor reduction in the number of councils, but closer to 15 councils grouped around sub regional boundaries.

Also essential to the ensuing amalgamations will be business transformation skills forming part of the skill set of the independent review panel that will steer the process, ensuring amalgamations occur as efficiently as possible.

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