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Committee for Sydney Statement on Mike Baird’s Resignation

January 19, 2017

Committee for Sydney praises legacy of Mike Baird

Committing on the retirement of Premier Mike Baird, The Committee for Sydney has said that his was an “outstanding political leader who transformed Sydney for the better”.

The independent think tank praised Mr Baird’s three years as Premier, highlighting the enormous investment made by his government into public infrastructure, whilst also balancing the state budget.

The Committee’s Director of Policy, Eamon Waterford, said that:

“Mike Baird’s leadership was genuinely visionary and many of the reforms introduced by his government will benefit generations of Sydneysiders to come.”

“His legacy will be remembered as a Premier who championed much-needed investment in NSW infrastructure, who pushed through difficult reforms on the sale of poles and wires and local govt amalgamations and who was led by a strong sense of justice and protecting the most vulnerable in our community. He also deserves particular praise for his commitment to the social and economic development of Western Sydney”.

“He leaves NSW Government with Sydney as the strongest city and NSW the strongest state down in Australia. He can be proud that his leadership has played a large part in delivering this.”

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