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Committee for Sydney announces group to examine Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong links

February 23, 2017


Thursday 23rd February, 2017

Committee for Sydney announces new group to “go beyond the city limits” and develop the city region of Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong.

Independent think tank, the Committee for Sydney has today announced a new group to examine the social and economic potential of the Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong city-region.

The Committee for Sydney, aware of these trends and patterns of urban development and collaboration, is keen to understand the current interrelationship between Sydney and its two closest and most significant cities in the ‘city region’: Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong, and to assess how this relationship could be strengthened through changed policy settings:

  • What opportunities arise from improved interrelationships between the three centres?
  • What impact could a Newcastle–Sydney–Wollongong high speed rail connection have on the region?
  • How could the jobs and housing markets of the three cities be better integrated?

This group will undertake study and research, led by the Committee for Sydney and will rely on the resources of the in-house team, members and stakeholders who are keen to contribute to this important, strategic review.

Kyle Loades, Chairman of the NRMA – a long term and active member of the Committee – will Chair the study, bringing a strong research understanding of key trends in the state. Kyle himself is a Novocastrian with a real commitment to seeing that city flourish in association with Sydney’s growth.

Other initial members of the review group will include Greg Budworth, CEO of Compass Housing (a member of the Committee, with a HQ in Newcastle) and a range of other members with professional backgrounds in key themes such as transport, economic development and housing. An additional key partner will be the University of Wollongong.

Kyle Loades said “Sydney is currently undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation led by record investment in roads and public transport infrastructure. This is occurring at the same time that Newcastle and Wollongong undergoes its own growth”.

“The role of transport as a catalyst for urban centres is at the heart of the renewal of Newcastle, however connections between the regions could multiply these benefits”.

Michael Rose, Chair of the Committee for Sydney said “this important group will have a focus on the long-term planning of the Greater Sydney region. It will assess what Sydney has to offer to the wider region and the role the region will play in Sydney’s future growth and development.”

“The group offers an opportunity to study these issues on a bigger canvas and to tackle major policy issues impacting the region, including jobs, housing affordability and integrated transport”.

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