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CfS Statement – Sydneysiders optimistic and willing to support reform

February 12, 2021

Each year, we ask a representative sample of at least 1,000 Sydneysiders their thoughts on life in Sydney – and the results this year are striking.

Sydneysiders told us they are more optimistic about the future than they were a year ago. Only Australia and China have residents feeling this hopeful and happy about their quality of life – every other nation has gone backwards over the past year.

This overwhelmingly positive sentiment is a credit to our governments’ handling of Covid-19 and a great place to be as we move into what’s likely to be a challenging recovery.

Strong support for reform

Our Life in Sydney survey for 2021, conducted with Ipsos, shows Sydneysiders are willing to back that optimism with support for a bold reform agenda.

There is strong and surprisingly high support across the board for a suite of highly strategic reforms, including:

  • Converting Australia’s oldest city-to-city roadway, Parramatta Road, to a slower, more neighbourhood-oriented road with the completion of WestConnex – net support across all demographics (41% support / 33% oppose)
  • Transitioning away from coal to clean renewable sources of energy – majority support across every demographic sub-group (60% support / 19% oppose)
  • Allowing home buyers to switch from one-time stamp duty to an annual land tax – slightly stronger support (52% support / 21% oppose)
  • Introducing a road user levy on electric vehicles to begin a gradual transition away from petrol taxes in anticipation of widespread adoption of electric vehicles (49% support / 31% oppose)
  • Granting permanent visas to encourage tech founders to set up in Australia – significant support given overall and historical concerns regarding immigration (39% support / 30% oppose).

Window of opportunity

In every recession we see businesses and jobs disappear. We get back to full employment only with new enterprises and the new skills needed to power them.

This is a moment in time when the community right across greater Sydney is looking to governments to undertake major reforms to transform our economy and society in response to the disruption of Covid-19.

These results should provide strong support to the ambitious reformers in government. The data shows there is strong appetite for action right across Sydney. It’s an exciting time to be in Sydney.

For more information, you can see the Life in Sydney report here.

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