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Future of Mobility 2040

May 2, 2019

2 May, 2019
Kindly Hosted by Arup

How will Sydney respond to the impact of technology and changing social expectations towards transport over the next 30 years? To examine this topic, and imagine what the future of mobility will look like, the Committee for Sydney partnered with the Electric Vehicle Council and Small World Social to host an evening of conversation on the future of mobility in 2040.

This event was the second of four sessions over the coming months. Featuring a range of speakers, facilitators and participants, these events will provide insights on what transport and movement might look like in the future. Through the lens of mobility, this session looked at Convergence in 2040.

Each speaker presented a vision of the Future of Mobility in 2040, and the way in which technologies will converge across a variety of (perhaps unexpected) sectors.

We were pleased to have Ayela Thilo, Director of Commercial Services at Small World Social, and Sarah Hayes, Transport planner at Arup confirmed for our second Mobility Meetup session.

The panel was made up of experts with diverse backgrounds to engage in conversation about the Future of Mobility in 2040. A facilitated Q&A session followed the presentation.

Each Mobility Meetup, led by the Electric Vehicle Council, Small World Social and Committee for Sydney, will inform questions, insights, and recommendations to policy makers and the new mobility industry.

The Committee would like to thank Arup for generously hosting this event

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