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City Life: The New Urban Australia

April 11, 2019

11 April, 2019
Kindly Hosted by Grimshaw

Members joined us for a presentation from Professor Seamus O’Hanlon on his new book, City Life: The New Urban Australia.

The book documents the changes that have come with the globalisation of the Australian city since the 1970s. It tells the story of the major economic, social, cultural and demographic changes that have come with opening up of Australia in those years, with a particular focus on the two biggest cities, Sydney and Melbourne.

How does one of the most urbanised, multicultural countries in the world see itself? This book challenges received ideas about Australia and how it presents itself to the world, and how in turn many Australians perceive and understand themselves. Rather than rehashing old stereotypes about mateship, the Bush or Anzac, this book places the globalised city and its residents at the heart of new understandings of twenty-first century Australia.

Professor O’Hanlon is an Associate Professor at the School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies at Monash University. His research mainly revolves around the impact of economic, social and cultural change on cities in Australia and elsewhere in the world in the twentieth century.

Following Professor O’Hanlon’s speech, guests heard from a special guest panel which also included:

Craig Chung, Councillor | City of Sydney
Laura Schmahmann, Associate| SGS Economics and Planning
Rod Simpson, Environment Commissioner | Greater Sydney Commission
Siobhan Toohill, Board Member | Committee for Sydney (moderator)

The Committee would like to thank Grimshaw for generously hosting this event.

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