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At risk in the city – An important report launch on International Day of the Girl

October 11, 2018

11 October, 2018
Kindly Hosted by MinterEllison

To coincide with International Day of The Girl, The Committee for Sydney hosted a reception with Plan International to launch a new global report, State of the World’s Girls: Unsafe in the City, alongside the Sydney-specific findings. These reports uncover the experiences of girls and young women in cities around the world, including Sydney, such as:

– Frequent unwanted attention and harassment in public spaces;
– Fear and experiences of assault and abuse; and
– Inadequate or non-existent avenues for reporting incidents of harassment or assault.

The Committee is a proud partner of Plan International and over the last 18 months, have been supporting an important project for our city, Free to Be. Free to Be is a crowd-mapping website that enables young women to identify and share public spaces that make them feel uneasy, scared or happy and safe. It empowers young women to call out unsafe experiences and geographically identify places in our city that are doing well, and other spots that may need some attention.

Committee members joined us for a working lunch where they had an opportunity to hear from the Youth Activists involved in the project, review the findings of the research in more depth, provide feedback and to be part of taking the recommendations forward.

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