Glimpses of Utopia: Real ideas for a fairer world with Jess Scully, Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney

August 26, 2020

It’s hard to be excited about the future right now. Climate change is accelerating; inequality is growing; politics is polarised; institutions designed to protect us are strained; technology is disrupting the world of work.

In her new book, Glimpses of Utopia: Real ideas for a fairer worldJess Scully presents an optimistic picture if how these challenges can be confronted with creativity, resilience and compassion and how technology and imagination can be harnessed to reshape our world to be fair and sustainable.

Jess Scully is Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, public art curator, festival director and media producer who uses creativity and the arts to engage communities. She is an advocate for the knowledge economy, creative and cultural sector, and encouraging participation in politics, creativity and enlivening our public realm.

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